Comments From Some Of My Past Pupils.

Some of my past pupils have kindly agreed to comment about their learning experience with  Mikes Driving, those comments with images attached  appear on this page but additional comments without images are also available here.

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Amazing teacher!!

Has patience (which is well needed with me)

Very supportive!

Highly recommended!

Thank you for all your timer. I would have never passed without you.

Nuala, Northampton

I was very nervous about learning to drive a car but Mike has been a  brilliant driving instructor. He is very attentive and supportive and  has taught me how to drive safely. Mike has helped me to gain confidence and I am glad to have had him as my driving instructor. Thankyou Mike  for helping me on my driving journey

Shanelie, Northampton

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After passing first time with only 2 minors, I can only say positive thinks about Mike

Very patient and an excellent teacher.

Lewis, Northampton

Extremely happy to have passed under Mikes Supervision. It was a long time coming for me to pass and Mike took the time to understand my personality and  nerves where other instructors did not.

All lessons had structure and purpose and Mike always allowed feedback and suggestions on where you feel you need to improve.

The confidence I was able to gain with Mike is beyond what I expected of myself.

Thank you Mike

Daniel, Northampton

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After a long search for an excellent driving instructor I found Mike, a Grade 6 driving instructor (which indicates a very high standard). And II was not disappointed.

Mike tailor-made the lessons to my particular needs. I passed my driving exam first time with only three minor faults.

Although was as pupils focus on passing the exam Mike focuses on pupils to become a safe and confident driver.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone, especially to a nervous learner driver.

I am delighted my driving adventure is completed.

Thank you Mike"

Victoria, Northampton

“I had about 30 hours of lessons with Mike and passed my test 1st time with only 3 minors.
Mike took the process of learning to drive at a pase that suited me, making me feel confident and ready by the tinme I took my test.

Mike is a friendly and entusiastic driving instructor who caters to the individuals needs.

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive.”

Emma, Northampton


"Mike is a fantastic intructor, he made learing to drive enjoyable for me,he is very patient and all round a great instructor I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

Casey, Northampton


“Hard work pays and thanks to Mike for all the lessons.

Pamela, Northampton



Thank you so much for being such as awesome driving instructor.

You have helped me overcome the fear of driving and now thanks to you, I am a pro driver!  Just kidding, not yet :)

However, I hoipe that one day I will become a confident driver just like you and I will continue to use the skills and knowledge that you have taught me.

Once again, thank you Mike”

Angeli R

"Ever since I arrived to the UK I was eager to obtain my UK driving license.

I booked my first 10 hours with Mike as I needed to learn how to drive in the UK, as I am an international person.

Thanks to Mike patience and helpful advice I could obtain my UK driving license.  Also, I found very important his style of teaching. I do recommend Mike to everyone who wishes to learn to drive.”

Rafael Sanchez Crespo, Northampton.


"Mike was a brilliant Driving Instructor.

I passed first time and I believe it was because Mike kept me calm and had confidence in me.

He taught me how to be a safe driver in the real world, not just to get me through my test. Thank you Mike!

I would (and have) highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Driving Instructor."

Sarah, Northampton."

"Mike is an excellent Driving Instructor and was extremely patient with me.

The comments and feedback given were highly beneficial for not only passing the test (the first time) but also to become a safe and independent driver.

He made the learning to drive process very relaxing and enjoyable for me.

I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thank you so much Mike"



"Thank you for expert and excellent driving instructions; for the patience throughout. The excellent result says it all."

Heianyichukwu Offiah, Northampton ."

"Mike was a great teacher and really helped me to be a better driver."

Matt, Leighton Buzzard.

2012-09 -18 Matt(c)

"Mike doesn't just teach you to pass yopu test. he makes sure you're confident in all different situations so you are safe after you pass.

Lessons were enjoyable and relaxed, with Mikes ability to explain something 5 different ways until I understood completely.

Before my test, Mike helped calm me down and got me in the right frame of mind.

Due to Mikes brilliant teaching, I passed first time with only 4 minors.

Thankyou so much!"

Lucy, Northampton.

"You do not only need to be good driver to pass your Practical Test but you need to be a good performer on the day as well. That s why you need Mike's help.

I had been driving for a few years prior to coming to the UK and I thought it would be a piece of cake to pass my test but I failed the first time with an astonishing 19 faults.

Mike guided me through the exact points on a safe, practical drive and made my test a lot easier. At the end of the day you do not only pass your test but you become a better driver as well.

I highly recommend Mike to anyone planning to sit their practical test”.

Mohammad, Northampton.

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Passed 230112 Claire (c)

"Mike was a brilliant instructor who not only helps to increase your knowledge of the road and driving, but makes the lessons enjoyable and stress-free!

Mike really helped me to calm my nerves before my test and as a result of his brilliant skills, I passed first time!.

Thank you so much Mike."

Claire, Northampton.

"I passed my test on the 1/12/11. I had previously failed seven times with a different instructor but with mike I managed to pass first time.

I found Mikes way of teaching really efficient and thorough, there was a number of new ideas and methods that I had never been taught previously and which helped me to pass my test.

I feel Mike has a great blend of teaching skills and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Simon, Old Wolverton.

Passed 011211 Simon(c)
Passed 221111 Drew(c)

"Really happy, I passed first time! Great Tutor"

Drew Behan, Northampton.



“The key I found with Mikes training was his willingness to identify what I struggled with, then give valuable advice and time to work out these areas.

His patient and friendly mentality allowed me to learn very quickly and pass first time. Most importantly, he made the experience enjoyable, so thank you Mike."

Freddy, Northampton


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