What is ECO Driving and why should we care?

We are all becoming more aware of the impact our way of life has on the world around us, this is also now true of the way we drive.

Changing our style or the way we drive can reduce our negative impact on the environment and could save us a bit of money in the process!

If you are new or experienced driver, take a look at the DSA web site and see how you can drive in a more ECO friendly way. Perhaps combine some ECO Driving tuition  with a Pass Plus course and save even a bit more. Contact me for further information.

ECO Driving and the Driving Test.

From 10 September 2008, when you're sitting a driving test, you’ll also be assessed on your ability to drive in a way that shows ECO-safe driving techniques.

This assessment is not part of the existing assessment criteria for the practical test and you will not fail your test because you don’t demonstrate ECO-safe driving techniques.

The driving examiner will be assessing your  control and planning together with other aspects of your driving, and at the end of the test will give you feedback, as guidance, on how efficiently you’re driving.