Current Offers and Discounts:

    • Recommend a friend and when they book and pay for their first 2 hr standard price lesson, you can get 1 hr free.
    • From time to time additional introductory offers may be available by booking lessons with me or direct with the AA. For current information follow this link. (Current Offers)
    • The costs below reflect current prices. Occasionally prices may be due to an increase in the near future. Please check the following link for further information if necessary. (Latest Update)


Driving Lessons and Full Licence Holder Sessions:

I recommend standard lessons should be 2 hours long wherever possible to get maximum benefit from the structured teaching of subjects through Review, Theory, Practice and Recap phases.

    Standard Cost for tuition is based on the area in which you live:

    • 27.00 per hour for Learner Driver’s in the  ‘NN’  Post Code area
    • 32.00 per hour for Full Licence Holder’s in the ‘NN’ Post Code area.

If you are looking for lessons of a different duration  please contact me for further information


Theory and Practical Test Fees:

For information on Test Fees and Waiting Times please follow this Link.


Note 1

  • New Drivers: are those drivers starting to learn to drive or those looking to book a course of lessons leading up to their test.                                                                                    
  • The initial 50% offer (if advertised) is not available to those drivers looking to take their practical test at short notice, in this case a full price 2 hour assessment session is necessary in order to determine you are test ready and can proceed to test.
  • If the driver is not test ready or is not able or willing to take any additional lessons recommended to achieve their test readiness, I reserve the right to make my vehicle unavailable.